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Version 1.4.1 🔀

Todays release adds support for Put & Call contracts, new "custom dates", additional merge fields and a shiny new menu system!

  • Put & Call Support: Flag a contract as 'put & call' and create another contract against the same lot, the two contracts are then linked together (activate in "Project Settings")

  • Custom Dates: Create user defined dates for a project that show in the "Events" screen (configure at project creation)

  • Settlement Calculator: Additional adjustment categories added for;

    • Mortgage Discharge

    • Penalty Interest

    • Licence Fee

    • Withdrawal of Caveat

    • Body Corporate; and

    • Strata Fees

  • Lots: Data fields, with associated merge fields added for;

    • Building Number

    • Stage

    • Exclusive Use Areas

  • Sales Schedule: Two new columns added for;

    • Purchase Price inc Improvements; and

    • Deposit inc Improvements

  • Menu Changes: The main navigation has been tweaked with;

    • A new "Contracts" menu that nests Nominations, Project Contracts & Variations

    • "Counts" against contract menu items to indicate the number of contracts that are 'out in the wild' (not in draft, or exchanged)

    • A new "Settings" section with a dashboard and sub-navigation

  • Branding: The ability to change the background image on your login and contract screens from the beautiful Bondi Beach, to - well, anything!


Put & Call Support

  • Turn on "Put & Call" in the project settings

  • Use the new "Put & Call Option" when creating a contract to flag that contract (and lot) as being under a Put & Call

  • Create a second contract against the same lot

  • The contracts are linked together

Custom Dates

  • Add custom dates to new projects

  • Set the name, and trigger options

  • Use them as merge fields in your contracts

  • Report on them in the Events screen

Menu Changes

  • Nominations, Project Contracts & Variations now live in a nested "Contracts" menu

  • Contract menu items show a "count" of how many contracts are in the wild (not draft, or exchanged)

  • All settings have been moved to a main "Settings" section, with its own dashboard and sub-menu


  • Change your login & contract background image


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