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So much more than e-signing.

OPEX is a comprehensive platform to help super-charge real estate sales.

Portfolio Management

OPEX gives you a platform to manage all your projects, contracts and sales in one place. Invite agents, developers and financiers onto the platform, for real-time visibility over project sales.

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"Drag & Drop" Contract Setup

Law firms & developers who do their own conveyancing can easily set-up master sales contracts for their projects using OPEX's smart e-template system. No need to waste time and money on expensive consultants.

Contract Builder - Animated.gif
Mobile Signing - Animated.gif

Mobile e-signing

A mobile-first e-signing experience designed specifically for real-estate contracts.

Never miss a thing!

All your important dates such as finance, deposit and FIRB are tracked in one place - automatically.

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Marketing Documents

Developers and law firms can store project and marketing documents such as plans, photos and videos which can be accessed by authorised agents.

PEXA Projects

Create your project in PEXA Projects directly from OPEX with the click of a button. From exchange tot e-settlement, all from one system.

PEXA Integration.gif

SMS Authentication

Contracts are protected by an SMS code, which is sent to the purchasers and their conveyancer's mobile number when they access their contract.


Contract Workflows

OPEX is built specifically for conveyancing, which means you can find the perfect workflow for your signing process by just flicking a few swtiches.

Contract Workflow.gif

Email Campaigns

Write emails with merge fields to keep your purchasers across your project updates. You can even track the open, bounce and click rate of each campaign, export recipients and more!

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Sales Schedule

Stop using manual spreadsheets! Customise the column headers and content for each projects sales schedule, upload contracts signed outside of OPEX, and export the data to Excel.

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Connect OPEX to your existing Practice Management System, CRM or Document Management System via open API's.

Special Conditions

Set up pre-approved special conditions for a project or allow the buyers solicitor to request one, all negotiated via the platform.

Project Branding

Customise the branding of emails sent via the platform as your law firm, the developer or the project.

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