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Version 1.4 🧮

Todays release adds the Settlement Calculator, a new way to share contract PDF's and various usability improvements across the platform.

  • Settlement Calculator

  • Share Contract PDF (without an SMS code)

  • Create developer clients when creating projects

  • Unlimited file size support for all project files (navigate to the "Files" section of a project)

  • Improved behaviour of currency fields

  • Ability to select all/deselect all recipients in email campaigns

  • Various UI improvements


Settlement Calculator

  • Add your adjustments & vendor payment directions at the project level and have them automatically flow to each lot

  • Make adjustments at the lot level

  • Easily generate a PDF report for each lot

  • Export all data to Excel

  • Quickly share a link to the settlement adjustment report with all purchaser solicitors with just a few clicks

  • Track the open rates of the settlement adjustment report

Share Contract

  • Share a contract PDF file with anyone, at any stage of the contracts progress

  • No SMS code needed to download the PDF file

  • Send to multiple recipients in a single process

Create Developer Client

From this version you no longer need to create your developer clients before adding a project - simply create your project and new developer client details in a single process.

Select All/Deselect All

  • Quickly "Select All" or "Deselect All" in your email campaign recipient lists


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