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Version 1.3.2 🔎

In this version you can create workspaces in PEXA Projects directly from OPEX, bulk import your lot data, provide more flexibility for your vendors and more! 🥳

  • PEXA Projects: Create workspaces in PEXA Projects from OPEX!

  • Contracts: Search for the purchaser solicitors PEXA "Subscriber Name" when creating a contract

  • Contracts: A new option to allow a vendor staff member to approve a contract to be sent to their authorised signatory

  • Lots: Import/bulk update lot information including lot number, unit number, area, asking price, child title, lot address, notes and more!

  • Merge Fields: A "Committee Appointed" merge field for post registration projects

  • Merge Fields: Queensland post registration projects also get merge fields for

    • Disclosure Improvements

    • Disclosure Assets

    • Other Disclosure Info

    • Admin Contribution

    • Insurance Contribution

    • Sinking Contribution

    • Total Admin Contribution

    • Total Sinking Contribution


PEXA Projects

From the "PEXA Details" screen you can now:

  • Create or update a project in PEXA Projects

  • Search for mortgagee subscribers

  • Create Workspaces for exchanged lots

  • Open the project in PEXA

Incoming Proprietor Rep Search

When creating a contract you can now search PEXA for the correct "Incoming Proprietor Rep" - this removes any issues when creating workspaces via the API.

Lots Screen

You can now bulk update all your lot data, including:

  • Lot Number

  • Unit Number

  • Lot Address

  • Plan

  • Folio

  • Volume

  • Matter Number

  • PEXA Workspace ID

  • Unit Entitlement

  • Interest Entitlement (QLD)

  • Child Title

  • Asking Price

  • No. Bedrooms

  • No. Bathrooms

  • Internal Area

  • Balcony Area

  • Notes


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