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Version 1.3.1 🌑

This version introduces two factor authentication, even more control over your contracts and something very dark... 😈 Read on for more details.

  • Contracts: You can now (optionally) specify a finance due date

  • Project Settings: You can now allow Vendor staff to approve contracts before they go to the authorised signatories

  • PEXA Projects: When creating a project in PEXA, OPEX first verifies that the Vendors have ABN's present

  • Users: You can now delete all user types

  • Users: Two factor SMS authentication is now available for all user types (law firm, developer, agent & financier)

  • System: Our "Dark Theme" has been improved and the theme setting is now remembered for each user


Finance Due Date

You can now allow users to specify a date that finance is due (instead of "x days from date of contract). To use this feature just tick the box in Project Settings...

...when turned on the finance block will default to "Manually specified date" - however you'll still be able to toggle back to "X days from date of contract" if you wish. 😉

Vendor staff approval of contracts...

You can now allow your vendor users to approve contracts before two key events:

  1. After the purchaser signs, and before it's sent to the vendors authorised signatory; and/or

  2. After all parties have signed, but before setting the contract to "Exchanged"

This gives you the flexibility to fit in with your larger clients workflows. To use this feature, activate it in "Project Settings"...

...don't forget to specify which users you want OPEX to notify when they have a contract that needs approval - this is done via the "Manage Users" section just below the workflow diagram.

SMS Authentication

You can now setup SMS authentication for all users of OPEX...

...when active the user will be required to enter an SMS code to login. We strongly recommend implementing this feature for all your users.

Dark Mode

Use the 'theme' toggle at the bottom of the main menu to switch between light (default) and dark modes. The option you specify will be remembered until you decide to change it.


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