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Version 1.2.3 ❄️

We like to have fun here at OPEX, so in today's update - it's snowing for Christmas! 😆 We did of course deliver a number of new features as well, which includes:

  • Email Campaign Attachments: Can now be any size. Yep, absolutely no file size restriction at all.

  • Checklists: You can now add "Checklists" to projects, these behave much like "Additional Improvements", but without pricing schedules.

  • Checkbox: We've added a new type of input field called "Checkbox", this allows Purchasers to "check a box" in a contract.

  • Agent Merge Fields: We've added two new merge fields for the Vendors Agent, these are "Agent Email Address" and "Agent Name, Agency & Contact Block". These will insert the details of the Agent user who creates the contract.

  • Victorian Fields: We've cleaned up labelling for "Folio", "Volume" and other field labels for our Victorian users.

  • Delete a Master Contract: You can now delete a Master Contract - so long as it hasn't been used.

  • Purchaser Solicitors: Now receive the exchange confirmation email even if they're skipped in the contract process.

  • Branded Login Screen: You can now add your logo to your login screen, which also removes the need for your users to enter the "Account" value.


It's snowing!

Ok, it's the peak of summer here in Australia - but we're entering the festive season and we wanted to have some fun! Legal software doesn't have to be boring. ☃️


Ok, a little more serious now... When creating a project, you can now add "Checklists" - these work in the same way as "Additional Improvements" but without prices and are great for adding merged lists to your contracts for things like "Purchaser Language Preference" or anything in a list really.


This one is simple, but useful. You can now place checkboxes on contracts that Purchasers (or Vendors) can interact with while they're signing.

You'll find it in the "Input Fields" section of merge fields.

Agent Merge Fields

You'll find two new merge fields in the "Contract Details" section for:

  1. Agent Email Address

  2. Agent Name, Agency & Contact Details

When added to a contract the details of the Agent who creates the contract will be inserted from their OPEX user profile. Super handy if you've got lots of different agents issuing contracts in a single project!

Branded Login Screen

You can now upload your logo and have it show on the login screen instead of our OPEX logo - but that isn't the only change. Now when a Vendor clicks a link in an email to view a contract (for example) they'll land on YOUR login screen and won't need to enter an "Account" value.


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