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Version 1.2.2 🗺️

Today's update gives you the ability to easily resend contract emails, adds a new "Matter Number" merge field and introduces an even easier signing experience for your purchasers.

  • Enhanced Signing Navigation: Anyone signing a contract through OPEX will now find the process even easier with prompts on what to do as they move through the contract.

  • Resend Contract Emails: Easily resend contract related emails from the status panel.

  • Matter Number: We've added a new field, and merge field for "Matter Number".

  • Contract Status Panel: You'll now see even more information in the contract status.


Enhanced Signing Navigation

On a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone - signing is now even easier with OPEX's enhanced signing navigation. The signatory is guided throughout the signing process, with clear prompts and a simple user experience.

Resend Contract Emails

You can now resend contract emails directly from the contract status panel, simply click the resend icon against the email address.

Note you will not see the resend icon if the person has already completed their step. 😉

Matter Number

When creating a contract you'll find a new "Matter Number" field to the right of the lot sector. This field has a corresponding merge field so you can include Matter Numbers in your contracts.


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