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Version 1.2.1 ✍🏼

Today's update further enhances our signing capabilities and introduces a new way to track the settlement process after a contract has exchanged.

  • Signing Acknowledgement: You can now set your own "terms" that people must agree to in order to sign a contract.

  • Signature Audit Report: The "Signature Audit Report" has undergone a HUGE update and now records IP addresses and other metadata.

  • Guarantor Emails: Guarantors now get emails specific to them (instead of the 'purchaser' email).

  • Delete Draft Project: Draft projects can now be deleted.

  • Settlement Status: Once a contract is exchanged, you can now track its settlement stages with new statuses for unconditional, extended, default or settled.


Signing Acknowledgement

Use the new "Settings" screen to add your own custom terms that each user type must agree to in order to sign. You can configure different terms for:

  • Purchaser Solicitors

  • Purchasers

  • Guarantors; and

  • Vendors

Signature Audit Report

The "Signature Audit Report" has undergone a complete transformation and now includes a huge amount of meta data to support evidence of signature, including:

  • IP Addresses of all signing parties

  • Details of the device, and web browser used to sign

  • Timestamps for all email events including

    • Email sent

    • Email received

    • Email opened

    • Link clicked (contract opened)

  • Security method used to access the contract (eg: SMS Code)

  • Timestamps for all signing events, including

    • Date signed

    • Location (lat/long)

    • Signature ID (unique token for each signature)

  • We now also include the full "Contract History", which mirrors the "Status" panel found on the right of a contract

Settlement Status

Exchanged contracts now have additional "Settlement Status" options to help you track the progress of a contract beyond exchange. The settlement status can be set from the Sales Schedule, or Lots screen (on "Exchanged" lots only) and has the following options:

  • Unconditional

  • Extended

  • Default

  • Settled


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