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Version 1.2 📧

Today's update introduces a new "Email Campaigns" feature that will change the way you communicate with parties to your projects - we also managed to cram a number of other awesome features in too! Here are the highlights:

  • Email Campaigns: A new feature that allows you to send bulk emails to purchasers, vendors and agents. Use this to send updates about your projects and track delivery, open and bounce rates.

  • A new "Lots" screen: A complete revamp of the Lots screen adds a "Notes" feature and allows you to add lot specific "Additional Pages" that are automatically added when a contract is created for that Lot.

  • Turn off "POA" signing: We've added a new contract workflow that turns off the option for vendors to return a contract to be signed by you under power of attorney.

  • POA email enhancement: If you're signing under power of attorney, clicking the "Open Contract" button in the email will take you directly to the contract signing screen without having to navigate through the OPEX dashboard.

  • Return to Draft: Agent users can now return a contract to draft even if a purchaser has signed it (but if not if a vendor has signed).

  • Multiple developers per project: When creating a new project you can now assign multiple "Property Development" companies to provide better, more controlled collaboration between developers.


Email Campaigns

  • Send emails from OPEX to purchasers, their solicitors, vendors and vendor agents

  • Type a hash (“#”) when writing your email to insert merge fields as you type (or select them from the merge fields list, just like creating a contract element)

  • Upload a logo in “Project Settings” to brand your project emails

  • Add attachments

  • See who received AND opened the email!

  • Reports on bounce and open rates

  • Search, filter and export recipients

  • And more!

New Lots Screen

  • The “Lots” screen for Projects has been completely redesigned

  • You can now attach lot specific “Additional Pages” that will be automatically inserted to contracts created for that Lot

  • Export the list of lots, including their prices, number of bedrooms and status (Exchanged, Under Contract etc)

  • See the status of any contracts against a Lot, including rescinded contracts

  • Add notes to Lots

Turn off "POA Signing

  • A new “auto process” setting allows you to completely turn off the “Sign under POA” function for a Vendor

  • When turned on, the “Sign under POA” button is not available so the Vendor can’t accidently instruct you to sign under POA


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