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Version 💬

In todays release of OPEX we've introduced a way to provide notes to a vendor when they're reviewing a contract, added the "Sign All" for POA signatories, and a few other minor improvements, including:

  1. When issuing a contract for signature, notes can be added that are shown only to the vendor when they review the contract

  2. All fields on the "Vendors" screen can now be edited, even on released projects

  3. When signing under Power of Attorney, you can now use the "Sign All" feature (if turned on)

  4. Vendor users are no longer needed as "Authorised Signatories" to issue a contract IF a project is configured to always be signed under POA

  5. The email sent when a contract is exchanged is now sent to

    1. Purchaser

    2. Purchaser's Solicitor

    3. The user who issued the contract; and

    4. All users set to receive notifications to confirm deposit (in project settings)


Vendor Contract Notes

When sending a contract for signing you can optionally add a message for the Vendor.

When the Vendor opens the contract to view, and sign it - the message is shown as a popup, including any formatting you added (bullet points etc).


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