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Version 🥸

Todays update adds numerous merge fields, and a bunch of configuration options to give you better control what agents can do when creating new contracts. Here's the summary:

  • New Purchaser merge fields for:

    • Drivers License No

    • Passport No

    • Nationality

  • New "Post Registration" merge fields for:

    • Lot Address (especially useful for land subdivisions)

    • Lot Survey Plan No

    • Lot Title Reference

  • New Contract merge field for:

    • Deposit Due Date

    • Includes a new field to optionally specify a Deposit Due Date on a Contract

  • New Project Settings for:

    • Allow Agent users to add Special Conditions when creating Contracts

    • Specify where "Additional Pages" are inserted in a Contract

  • Return to Draft Email: When returning a Contract to draft you have the option to send an email to relevant parties advising that the Contract has been recalled and the link invalidated

  • Page Numbers: You'll now see page numbers at the top right of each page in the Contract preview, and signing screens

  • Font Size: The font size of text added to input fields has been reduced from 12 to 10 point to be consistent with other merge fields

  • Agent & Financier Users: No longer have access to the "Draft" list of projects


Settings for days...

If OPEX isn't the most configurable project conveyancing system in the whole wide world, we don't know what is! 🤩

Return to draft...

Notify parties who have received the contract that it has been recalled, or don't. It's up to you. 😉


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