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Version 🇦🇺

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

In this update we added support for all Australian states, made "lot numbers" editable and, as always, added a number of user requested features and tweaks.

Here's a summary of what's included in this release:

  • Create a project in any state of Australia

  • Edit lot numbers for a project (they don't have to start from "1"), and support for alpha numeric characters

  • A button that allows users to download a PDF copy of the contract from the contract preview screen (the button is under the 'status' panel)

  • The ability to change the master contract template for an issued contract (so long as no one has signed it, including an audit log of the changes)

  • An update to the default s127 string

  • A new setting that allows developer users see contracts of any status (except "Draft")

  • Removal of the "Via Email" button when sending a contract (as we've moved to the auto process method now)

  • A new setting to enforce signatures from purchaser solicitors


All States

You can now create a project in any state in Australia! 🇦🇺

Download Button

Click the "Download" button under a contracts status panel to get the latest PDF version of the contract - if someone has signed the contract, their signatures will be included in the PDF. 😉

Contract Template Version

So you've issued your contract to the purchasers, then you get an updated copy of the plans. Perfect timing. 🙄

Now you can upload the new plans as a contract element, publish a new version of a master contract and swap out the contract template without having to re-issue the contract. 🥳 OPEX will also record who made the change, and when for full transparency.

...there is just one caveat, there must be no signatures on the contract. If someone has signed it, all bets are off.


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