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Version 😆

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

In this update we enhanced the "Additional Improvements" for projects, made the power of attorney signing more flexible and added a few other tweaks.

Here's a summary of what's included in this release:

  • Add your own "Additional Improvements" to a project

  • Our "Input Fields" have been enhanced, we now have two versions so you can specify which user type can add text in the fields

    • "Text Input (Purchaser)"; and

    • "Text Input (Vendor)

  • The "Short Description" of a contract element now shows in the contract preview

  • An option was added to the "Sellers" to prevent specified authorised signatories from receiving emails

  • The power of attorney signing was enhanced so you can partially sign under POA (eg: you can sign on behalf of one vendor, then send it to another to obtain their signature)


Text Inputs

You'll now find two "Text Input" fields, these allow you to specify where you want input from a buyer, or from the vendor.

Additional Improvements

You can now add your own user defined "Additional Improvements" to a project.


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