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Version 🚀

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

It feels like only last week that we did an update to OPEX... ah, it was! Now that we've got people uploading files of all sorts of shapes and sizes we realised we could improve their experience by adding an upload "progress bar" - this is especially handy for large files which can take a few minutes to upload.

So we did! 😆

Upload Progress Bar

When uploading PDF's for "Paper Contracts" or "Contract Elements", a progress bar will give you accurate feedback on the uploads progress.

Other Improvements

We also made a bunch of other small improvements as part of this release. Including:

  1. Don't generate the ID PDF when the "ID Verification" is disabled

  2. Added the "Unit Number" to the "Sales Schedule" export

  3. Projects can now have the hash ("#") character in their name

  4. Validation improvements

  5. Agent user tweaks

  6. User creation tweaks


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