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Version 1.1.1 🗓️

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Hold on to your hats, this is a BIG update! 😮 Here's a summary:

  • Events: A new screen that lists all past, current and future date-based events for:

    • Deposit Due Date

    • Finance Due Date

    • FIRB Due Date

    • Sunset Date

    • Contract Exchanged

    • Project Released

  • Events Export: Export the above data to an Excel file

  • Bounce Notifications: You'll now receive an email notification when an email related to contracts bounces

  • Email Status: The contract "status panel" now shows the delivery status of emails relating to contracts, including:

    • Bounced

    • Delivered

    • Opened

    • Clicked (meaning the recipient has clicked the "Open Contract" button in the email)

  • Sales Progress Bar: The project list screen now shows a 'progress bar' indicating how many contracts have been exchanged, issued and remain

  • Sales Progress Widget: Clicking on the new 'sales progress bar' opens a widget, that includes a shortcut button to take the user directly to the projects sales schedule

  • Sales Schedule: A search function has been added to the sales schedule

  • Automatic Price Population: Where an asking price has been populated in the "Lots" screen for a project, it will be automatically populated in the "price" field when creating a new contract

  • Currency Customisation: You can now set the currency symbol you want to apply to merge field for a project

  • Project Settings: This screen has been split in three sections, with new navigation to make it a little easier to use

  • Agents: Agent users have had a few tweaks, including

    • They can now return a contract (that they have created) to draft

    • They now have read-only access to a projects "Lots" screen

  • Contracts: The "30 page" limit has been removed for "Additional Pages"

  • Merge Fields: A new "Settlement Date" merge field (and data input field) have been added for "Post Registration" projects



The new "Events" screen is a live, searchable report with filters for the following events:

  1. Exchanged dates

  2. Deposit due date

  3. Finance due date

  4. FIRB due date

  5. Released (when a project is released in OPEX)

  6. Sunset date (where all lots have different sunset dates)

  7. Fixed sunset date (where all lots have the same sunset date)

The Events screen defaults to a 14 day date range, with a "from" date of "yesterday" - the date range can be changed to anything you wish - you can also filter on a specific project. Clicking on a unit number, or purchasers name navigates you to the related contract.

Oh, and it can exported to Excel. 😉

Bounce Notifications

Bounces happen, but if you don't know about them they're VERY frustrating. Now when a bounce occurs, not only will you see it in the contract status panel but the person who created the contract will receive an email from OPEX (pictured below) with details about the bounced email, including which project and contract the bounce relates to. 📧

Email Status

In this release we introduced detailed email tracking of all contract related emails, this allows you to not only know when an email has bounced, but also when it has been delivered, opened and even when someone has clicked on a link in the email!

Yes, you are "Big Brother". 🕵️

Sales Progress Bar

How many lots are exchanged? How many are under contract? How do I get to the Sales Schedule? ...are questions you'll never hear again with the introduction of our "sales progress bar".

Quickly see the sales status of all your projects, hover to see the statistics or click on a bar to see the sales information in a clear, easy to read format - and to navigate to the Sales Schedule super fast. 😎

Sales Schedule Search

Now that your users can quickly get to the Sale Schedule, they'll want to easily locate that contract they're looking for. No problem! Use the new search field to find a contract by lot, unit or buyers name.

Automatic Price Population

Have you populated the "Asking Price" in the Lots screen for your projects yet? If you know the asking prices, now is the time! When selecting a lot during the creation of a contract of sale the "Price" is automatically populated from the Lot screen - saving you, or your agents from having to look for the price. Every little bit helps! 🤓

Project Settings

OPEX has got to be the most configurable e-conveyancing system in the world by now, and the "Project Settings" screen is a reflection of that. So we took the time to clean it up a little an split it in three:

  1. Auto Process

  2. Options; and

  3. Branding

So now it's nice and easy to find what you're looking for. 🙈


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