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Digital contracts for real estate projects.
changed quickly and securely.

In partnership with Australia’s leading
e-settlements platform 
OPEX Dashboard

OPEX is much more than a digital signing tool. It is a platform that helps super-charge project sales and get contracts exchanged  faster.

OPEX is used by all the key parties when selling off-the-plan or registered real estate projects – the law firm, the property developer, financiers and real estate agents. It is also accessed by the buyers and their solicitors when negotiating and e-signing contracts.

"Since using OPEX in our practice, it has substantially transformed the way in which we establish and manage off the plan contracts and projects for our developer clients, providing efficient, seamless issuing of contracts and transparency to all property players on a project. Leslie Leahy at OPEX has been absolutely amazing on our OPEX journey and we have no doubt that OPEX will continue to rise above all other platforms of this kind, with its proven adaptability and flexibility consistent with the property market we work in."

Priala Legal, Queensland

So much more than

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