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Version 🥳

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

In todays update we squeeze in some big planned features, some polishing of existing features and a number of things that YOU suggested - because that's how we roll. 😎

Here's a summary of what's included in this release:

  • Stop using "sales advice" documents! Agents can now create a contract of sale, and submit it to you for review.

  • When reviewing or signing a contract, purchasers and their solicitors can now download a PDF copy of the contract. (there are settings for this, see below)

  • A new option has been added to skip sending the contract to the purchaser solicitor. (there are some rules on this one, see below)

  • Where there are multiple contracts against one lot, and one of those contracts is exchanged - the other contracts are now automatically rejected.

  • Special conditions can now be edited, or removed from a contract that is in a draft state.

  • The "Power of Attorney" string is now automatically added to the signature panel when you're signing under a POA.


Digital Sales Advice

Stop "double handling" contract data by allowing your agents to create contracts 😲 (stay with me here). Once they have added all their buyer and contract details they'll submit the contract to YOU for review. Once you review it (and fix any typeos) you can send the contract to the purchaser.

Download Contract as a PDF

Does the buyers solicitor want to download the contract as a PDF? No problem, tick the box in Project Settings to allow the contract to be downloaded as a PDF by the buyer, and/or the buyers solicitor.

Skip the Purchaser Solicitor

Need to send the contract directly to the purchaser, 🫣 bypassing their solicitor all together? Now you can, so long as there are no signature panels in the contract for the purchaser solicitor. (eg: If there is an s66w in your contract, then this option will not be available)

Power of Attorney String

When you're signing under POA, the "Power of Attorney" string on the Vendors/Sellers screen will automatically populate on the top of your signature panel.


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