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In todays release of OPEX we've introduced a new way to work with "Additional Improvements" (or "Optional Inclusions" - depending on your preferred terminology). Here's a summary of the changes:

Enhanced Additional Improvements

  1. You can now add multiple improvement lists (eg: "Outdoor Improvements", "Indoor Improvements")

  2. The different improvement lists are their own merge fields, allowing you to add the lists to different parts of a contract (eg: "Outdoor Improvements" might be on one page, with the "Indoor Improvements" on another)

  3. Prices can be added to Additional Improvements, which can then be automatically calculated and added to the purchase price of a contract

  4. New merge fields have been added to support the automatic calculation, including

    1. Improvements Total Cost

    2. Improvements Deposit

    3. Total Purchase Price (including improvements)

    4. Total Deposit (including improvements)

    5. Balance Deposit (including improvements)

    6. Purchase Price less Deposit (including improvements)

Other Changes

  1. Agent users can now skip sending to a Purchaser Solicitor

  2. The "Deposit" now has a drop-down to select the % value

  3. The "Purchaser Solicitor" details are no longer mandatory (unless your contract has a Purchaser Solicitor signature panel)

  4. A progress bar has been added for background processing when uploading "Contract Elements"


Additional Improvement Lists

When creating a new project you can add as many lists as you like to a project (or just one, if you wish). Each item in a list can optionally have a price added to it. Don't want a price? Just leave it as "0.00" and it wont be included in any calculations.

💡 Be sure to name your improvement lists to make them easy to find in your merge fields when creating your contract templates.

Creating a Contract of Sale

When creating a new contract for a project with multiple lists, or with prices, they'll show above the "Purchase Details" in the Contract Details form. As you select improvements the prices will calculate and show in a summary below.

  • Prices can be changed

  • Notes can be made against items

Using our new merge fields, you can create a detailed breakdown of all the costs involved... or if you prefer, just show the "Total Price" including the improvements. It's up to you. 😎


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