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Version 1.1 🔗

Todays update is a major release! 😲 Here are the highlights...

  • PEXA Projects Integration: Create, update and link Projects

  • Nominations: A special for our Victorian friends, you can now create Nominations from OPEX, and have them signed digitally by the purchaser and nominee

  • Updated Contract Elements UI: We've compressed the Contract Elements screen to show more elements at a time

  • Project's Map: Switch to "Map" view on your project list screen to see your projects on a large map

  • Pulsing Signature Panels: To draw purchasers attention to them when signing

  • Project Sub-Menu Refresh: A shiny new menu with additional PEXA features


PEXA Projects Integration

🥳 We're excited to deliver the first phase of our PEXA Projects integration! Quickly and easily perform the following tasks from inside OPEX:

  • Authenticate with your PEXA username and password

  • Create a project in PEXA Projects

  • Update a project in PEXA Projects

  • Link an existing PEXA Project to a project in OPEX

  • Search for, and select PEXA Mortgagee subscribers when creating a project

  • View a history of all integration activity in a PEXA Projects log

  • Open a project in PEXA Projects from the project OPEX menu

Want to learn more about it? Contact us to arrange a demo.


For our friends in Victoria who nominate (change purchasers) contracts after they are exchanged. You can now create a nomination template in OPEX and send it for signing by the original purchaser, and the nominee.

With this feature you can:

  • Upload your own Nomination template and add merge fields

  • Send the Nomination to be signed using the OPEX signing workflow

  • View a list of Nominations and their status

  • See which Contracts have a Nomination in the Sales Schedule and Contract list screens

  • Quickly open a related Nomination from the Contract list or Sales Schedule

Nominations is a substantial feature, if you're interested in learning more about it please contact us to schedule a demo.

Contract Templates

We've merged "Contract Elements" and "Master Contracts" screen together, along with Nominations in a new "Contract Templates" screen. Everything to do with your contract templates now lives here.

This new screen now shows more contract elements on the screen at once, making it much easier to work with large contracts.

Note the tabbed navigation across the top to allow you to switch between "Contract Elements", "Master Contracts" and "Nomination Forms". Variation templates will live here soon too.

Projects Map

Click the "Map" button on your projects list screen to view your portfolio in a whole new way! 😎

Pulsing Signature Panels

🌟 Signature panels (and the menu items) now pulse to grab peoples attention.

Project Sub-Menu Refresh

With the addition of the new PEXA screens, and our newly merged "Contract Templates" screen - we thought it was time to give our little sub-menu a refresh. We're rather happy with it. 🙂


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