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Version 1.0.1 🚀

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

We're very excited to release our first first update since our product launch, and oh boy is it a big one! Check out this list of awesome new features:

Big Stuff

  • A new contract "Auto Process" function that automatically moves a contract from party to party as needed during the signing process; including

    • Email notifications to all parties throughout the signing process as needed

    • Ability to set authorised signatories for vendors

    • Ability to set the signing order for vendors

    • A new "Status" panel that shows where a contract is in its journey

  • A new feature to specify when a deposit has been received for a contract

  • A new Task bar on the dashboard for law firm users with improved options

Small Stuff

  • Unit number column added to the Sales Schedule

  • When uploading "paper contracts", the widgets and statistics now update accordingly

  • New merge fields for "Initial Deposit", and "Deposit less Initial Deposit"

  • New merge fields for the buyers ABN and ACN

  • An option to turn on/off the ID Verification feature at the project level

  • Enhanced purchaser tenancy to support unequal tenants in common

Cool right? Keep reading to learn about these changes in a bit more detail. 😉


Auto Process

The new Auto Process feature is awesome - it allows you to configure the journey you want your contracts to take, at the project level, including email notifications, authorised signatories, and even "check points" where you can confirm contract conditions have been met before releasing it to the next step.

Once you send your contract for signing its progress is tracked via the new "Status" panel, this panel is visible for law firm, developer and agent users - so everyone will always know where a contract is in its journey.

Confirm Deposit

Confirm receipt of deposit directly from the contracts list, this can also be seen (but not updated) by developer and agent users keeping everyone in the loop.

This enhancement has allowed us to improve the "Sales & Deposits" widget, which now shows the deposits received, and what is still "Pending".

Tasks Bar

The new "Tasks" bar has been enhanced and now includes the following options:

  • Contracts to sign under POA

  • Contracts pending confirmation of deposit

  • Contracts pending final confirmation

  • Special conditions awaiting review and approval

Clicking on any of the numbers will take you to the items thats you need to action.


Like what you see? Why not get in touch and we can show you in more detail how OPEX can supercharge your project sales!


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